Helsinki Airport maintained its excellent competitiveness

There is intense competition between European transit airports. The cornerstones of Helsinki Airport's competitive edge  the inexpensive fair traffic charges, passenger satisfaction and punctuality – remained good.

Finavia’s traffic charges remained at a competitive level in 2012. Helsinki Airport was the fourth least expensive in a price comparison of the main European airports. In addition to the inexpensive air traffic charges, Finavia supports the growth of air traffic by offering discounts on the charges for new routes. 

TLL=Tallinn, RIX=Riga, VNO=Vilnius, HEL= Helsinki, FCO=Fiumicino, KEF=Keflavik, ARN=Arlanda, OSL=Oslo, DUB=Dublin, WAW=Warsaw, CPH=Copenhagen, LED=Pulkovo, LIS=Lisbon, ATH=Athens, PRG=Prague, BRU=Brussels, MAD=Madrid, BUD=Budapest, VIE=Vienna, FRA=Frankfurt, AMS=Amsterdam, ZRH=Zürich, CDG=Charles De Gaulle, LHR=Heathrow


Finavia’s pricing and its development are discussed in more detail in the Annual Report section entitled Responsibility.

Customer satisfaction improved in almost all areas

The development work undertaken during recent years to improve the travelling experience was reflected in the international Airport Service Quality survey carried out in 2012.  At Helsinki Airport, satisfaction improved in almost all surveyed areas.The overall grade for the year was 4.02 (3.92) on a scale of 1 to 5.

The most significant improvements from the previous year were queuing time for border control, and the politeness and helpful attitude of the border control personnel.

Average on a scale of 15. Source: Airport Service Quality Survey


According to a survey conducted by Finavia, as many as one in every three passengers select the route on the basis of the transit airport. Therefore, customer satisfaction is an important factor when building the position of Helsinki Airport as the leading transit hub.

A high level of punctuality in air traffic

The punctuality of traffic departing Helsinki Airport was very good. During the year, only 1.44 per cent of flights experienced delays due to operations of the airport, a very good result in international comparison. 

In addition, the position of Helsinki Airport as the leading transit hub is supported by the short transit times experienced by the passengers. The minimum transit time remained at 35 minutes, among the shortest in Europe.