To the top of the world 


This collage will take you to the heart of Finavia's year 2016. You will find key information and significant highlights of our, on many fronts, record-breaking year. 

Let us show you the heights to which we aspire in everything we do. 

Helsinki Airport expands towards 2020

Our EUR 900 million investment programme proceeded as planned

Our revenue in 2016 was



CEO's review

The record-breaking year was a sum of many success stories, summarises Kari Savolainen.

Lapland's recipe for success

The Finnish Lapland is more appealing to tourists than ever. Cooperation was the key to succes.

Helsinki Airport at the core of our strategy

Helsinki Airport is a significant European air traffic hub, as well as the leading transfer airport in Northern Europe.

Hearing Chinese at the airport

Chinese passengers surpassed the Russians at Helsinki Airport for the first time.

Our investments increased to



Steering world-class airports

Finavia constantly develops its operations to ensure that Finnish airports and air travel connections are high-ranking internationally.

Strengthened profitability

2016 was a year of growth and profitability despite the extensive investments.

700,000 more passengers

Helsinki and Lapland led Finavia's airport network to a new passenger record.

Investments create employment

Finavia's investments towards its airports have a vast economic impact. The Helsinki Airport development programme has increased Finnish employment.

Our environmental investments were



A learning trip to Beijing

A group of Finavia staff travelled to Asia’s largest airport in Beijing to get to know Chinese service culture.

New connections

The new routes increase Finland's accessibility with the rest of the world, and strengthen the role of Helsinki Airport as the leading transfer hub.

Finavia is an effective service company

Finavia’s core business is divided into airport and air navigation services.

More efficient air traffic

A shared airspace is being assembled in Europe. Finavia takes part in international collaboration, and simultaneously prepares for incorporation of its airspace management functions.

Regulation clarified

An infographic depicts the big picture behind the regulation of airport operations.

We are committed to good governance

Finavia operates in a predictable and transparent manner. We communicate about our operations, management systems and remuneration practices in an open manner.

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